Born in Houston, TX, a proud father of three sons, two daughters, and grandfather of 7, Dr. James Halla and his wife Genell live in Spartanburg, SC where Jim practiced rheumatology.  He is retired and has turned his energies into family matters and into highlighting and detailing a major emphasis: the practice of biblically-based medicine and counseling. Jim has previously authored a number of scientific  articles addressing various clinical issues encountered in the daily practice of rheumatology specifically and the practice of medicine generally. He has turned to writing books, articles, and blogs in order to bring God’s truth to every area of life. He is certified by ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) and is a fellow in that organization. He continues to counsel and train others directly and indirectly to counsel from the Scriptures. He desires to see the implementation of the practice of and receiving of biblically-based medicine and counseling in our psychologized and medicalized society. Biblical truth is true truth and always trumps the many faces of falsehood. Therefore, an apologetic – a defense, reason, an pushing the antithesis – is given in the material found on the website. The believer is in the world but not of the world as a result of the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit at salvation. This work continues after salvation. The truth that salvation and life after salvation are linked and affect all of life is vital to and for the practice of and receiving of biblically-based medicine and counseling. The articles contained within the website  cover a range of subjects based on the fundamental truth that the truth does indeed set you free from: self, sin (its penalty and guilt) and Satan, and the believer is set free to God, for God, for God, and by God. May God be glorified and the Church and individual believers be blessed!