Myth of Mother Nature: God’s Sovereignty

Introduction: The blog:  Myth of Mother Nature: God’s Sovereignty exposes the blasphemy regarding God’s sovereignty, His power, and control. Control and power is often attributed to Mother Nature as if the world just is and there is all-controlling sovereign God. it is time for Christians to say whoa to this sin recognized or not, against the third commandment. We hear a false gospel so often from the weather channel!

I recently heard a discussion on the news regarding the Ebola virus and who is to blame for its presence in the United States. More recently it is the COVIB-19. The conservative news person decried the fact that the outbreak was related to budget cuts. Rather, he enjoined his listeners to believe that the outbreak was due to Mother Nature. On another occasion, another newscaster was quoted as saying: “Mother Nature has 80 percent control in putting out fires like this.” The myth of mother nature has reared its head once again!

In the dictionary Mother Nature is said to refer to the natural world as if it were a woman. The word “nature” comes from the Latin word, “natura”, meaning birth or character. Today the term nature is often used as personified creative and caring force. The phrase Mother Nature is considered a controlling woman who is the source and guiding force of creation. Apparently, it is a force that affects human beings as well as inanimate creation. The phrase focuses on the alleged life-giving and nurturing aspects of nature by embodying it, in the form of a mother. The phrase was popular in the Middle Ages but has its roots in Greek mythology and paganism. It is a religious and theological term. It expresses facts that are antithetical to the Triune God and in competition with Him.

Our newspersons would have us believe in the myth of mother nature. It is believed to be some inanimate force is responsible for the beginning, the end, and all that is between the beginning and the end. All that goes on in God’s universe has nothing to do with God. Such it is when simple biblical truths are ignored and rejected. It is so easy to be controlled by a naturalistic, phenomenality world-view and approach to life. It is sadly ironic because the person lives in God’s world as His responsible, dependent, rational, morally-responsible guest but rejects the gift of being in God’s world as His image. Moreover, people, all kinds and everyone, are theologians because they have beliefs about God (He is or He isn’t!) and themselves – origin, identity, purpose, and destiny. They have a relationship with Him whether denied or not. They are in or out of proper relationship to Him. The key issues here are what kind of theologian or you?

Science, or more accurately scientism (a term that denotes the modern philosophy of science) is anti-supernatural and anti-miraculous at its core. It and its proponents view the Bible as their enemy and in need of a major overhaul. The Bible needs to be made scientifically-acceptable based on a scientifically, predetermined, naturalistic grid. Scientists who decry the supernatural deny their own faith in their own reasoning. They refuse to acknowledge the creational and practical observation that everyone is faith-based and a moral, thinking being. Their faith is in their God-given reasoning ability (which they deny!) to interpret facts based on their assumptions about life and man. They come with anti-God presumptions which are their interpretative for everything they can sense – hear, see, taste, touch, and feel. Everyone has faith and is morally responsible because everyone is a theologian.

When man begins with self and his logic he has inverted the Creator-creature distinction. The inversion of the Creator-creature distinction is an attempt to eviscerate the Bible – its uniqueness in terms of its authority, clarity, necessity, and sufficiency. The goal is to have the make the Word of God of no use to mankind.

The supernatural does not fit their scheme. Miracles such as the creation of the universe; regeneration – the new birth; the Virgin Birth; the God-man Jesus Christ, fully man and fully God; Christ’s resurrection; and the inspiration of the Bible are and will be rejected. As a result, God who creates AND who controls His world His way for His glory and the good of His people will be rejected. In its place will be the non-scientific concepts of evolution that masquerades as science but is actually a worldview and a philosophy.

Science itself confirms that evolution is based on a person’s theological beliefs. Its foundation is not only unproven but it is not provable. No one was present in eternity past to witness the Triune God’s plan of salvation (John 6:37-43). No one was there when God spoke something into being from nothing (Genesis 1; Psalm 33). The issue is faith in God or faith in self. Who or what brought this universe into existence and controls life and destiny of every living and non-living being? The options are God or such possibilities as things just are, chance, eternality of matter, the Force, or Mother Nature.

Consider these simple biblical truths. Please don’t let their simplicity mislead. Simplicity is not to be equated with simpleton-ness. First, God is and He still is! God in His Being is eternal and infinite. He is not bound by time and space. God cannot be proven nor can He be unproven. Faith is the key – saving or un-saving faith. Either kind is an informed faith – either by the Bible, or by feelings, experience, and or logic unaided by biblical truth.

Second, God is the reason that His world and His creatures are. God has given man the capacity to discover facts as to how He runs His universe: laws of nature, laws of math and logic, laws of morality/ethics, and laws of medicine. The discovery of these laws and the laws themselves give insight into who God is and how He runs His world. We must go to the Bible to properly interpret these “scientific discoveries.” The knowledge and the “laws” are a blessing to mankind.

Third, the God who is and creates also rules, sustains, and controls. His control (includes power and authority) can be defined as His purposeful, personal, powerful governing and sustaining all of His creatures and their actions (Ephesians. 1:4.11-12; Romans 8:28-29; Psalm 145:17). People don’t seem to like this kind of God. Why is that? Simply, man wants to be a law unto self. Unless man is regenerated (the radical and supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in salvation) and his heart continually renewed (progressive growth in Christ – Psalms 51:10; Philippians 2:12-13), man will continue to compete with God. He will function as a self-pleaser and use his being and capacity to think in an anti-God manner.

Be careful as you watch and listen to the weather and medical reports. Those reporting the weather are theologians and poor ones. They attempt to exclude God and leave Him out of the picture. Unwittingly or wittingly, they live the lie and encourage their audience to do the same. Good and bad weather, pandemics, and epidemics as well as beautiful sunshiny days come from the sovereign hand of God. The believer must hold fast to this biblical truth.

1. What is your view of God, the world, its origin and its continued existence?
2. What is your source – standard – for determining your answers?
3. John 8:31-32 teaches simple facts about God: God is, we are, and we are dependent creatures. How do you respond to them?